Spiral Spectacles and A Scream

Here'a another spread from my new, illustration-only journal entitled "The Myth of Fingerprints." (Thank you Paul Simon for the lovely word play!)  I had been hoarding this 5x8-inch Moleskine for the past several years but when it came time to find a substrate for my new journal idea, the simple Moleskine with its smooth, cream-colored cardstock pages was a natural choice.  My Micron pens glide nicely across the paper's surface without seeping through to the opposite side and any color used looks rich against the cream background.

In these first few pages, I am just beginning to test the waters and flexing my illustration muscles.  As the pages progress, you'll see less and less collage as I get brave enough to let my drawings speak for themselves.  The drawings also become more complex as I really let go and allow my imagination free rein.


Kaz said…
Really enjoying your new pages...
Cate Rose said…
Loving this, like all your work!
Have a great weekend.