Taking a Breath

"She is Fierce"; 18x24 inches; acrylics
My painting fever has cooled slightly after completing seven large, extremely detailed pieces.  I'm taking a breather to sketch and plan for my next round of painting.  (I just purchased 21 new canvases so I have some work ahead of me!)

I am also making time for pure play, creating some jewelry for myself and crafting a few robot sculptures.  So far, this has been the best summer I've had in a long time.  I am just following my instincts and doing what sounds like fun in the moment.

The one thing that has fallen by the wayside (with the exception of my daily "diary") is my art journaling.  I guess I'm sort of in between journals right now.  Ah well, when the impulse to journal strikes again, I have several journals waiting patiently for my attention.


Beautiful painting. Do you sketch all her paintings before hand or just paint and see what happens?
gem said…
Well gee, way to make everyone else feel like a slacker ;-) haha! but really, that's great, and nice to hear it's ben such a great summer for you. Maybe all your prior artjournaling was preparing you just for this burst of paintyness, and they'll be patiently waiting for you when you "get it all out" onto canvas <3 Keep it up & keep enjoying!
~ gem ~
Unknown said…
the colors are wonderful and the shading makes it pop. thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Very nice colors.
Your bird is very peaceful!