Friday, July 12, 2013

Something of the Marvelous

"Something of the Marvelous"; 18 x 24 inches; acrylics
I hope, dear readers, that you are not growing weary of my pictures of paintings because I really don't have anything else to show right now.  I've been painting to the exclusion of all other art forms and I feel the need to follow this passion for as long as it burns in my heart.  I've been trying to slow myself down with other, non-art pursuits, such as jigsaw puzzles and word searches, so I don't burn myself out.  (I actually have continued to journal in what I call my "daily diary" but those aren't pages I typically show here on the blog.)  I have many other art projects on the "To Do" list but I know from experience that I have to keep my nose to the easel, so to speak, while I feel energetic and inspired.  That could mean I have another week of intense painting in me or another month.  I try not to overthink things and just go with the flow.  I am grateful for your visits and comments; they make me happy, happy, happy! 


  1. It's no problem for me to see your paintings exclusively at the moment! They're so awesome.
    Hope you have a great weekend! xo

  2. I love seeing your paintings! Keep at it my friend!

  3. your work is a treat - keep going!
    love the back grounds leading up to the big finish of the image ontop.
    nicely done.

  4. Love the vibrancy of this!

  5. Your painting is lovely, love the colors and theme. I'm inspired to get out my paints but I'm going to resist and try and stick with all the other projects I'm working on right now. So I can understand why you are sticking to the painting. lol


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