Only the Half Mad

"Only the Half Mad", 22"x28", acrylics on canvas
Most days in the studio tend to be filled with small projects: journaling, softie sewing, index card art, random cartooning and doodling.  However, when I get in the mood to paint, I paint like a madwoman for days on end, getting up early and staying up late, taking breaks only for meals and neglecting everything else.  This continues until I burn myself out and then I often won't paint again for months.

I've spent the last week in one of those crazy painting moods.  I have my biggest show of the year in October and typically I wait until late August, early September to get started.  Every year, I vow to start earlier so I have more work to hang (the venue is huge!)  This summer, I am actually following through on that pledge!  This is one of six paintings I completed last week (at a rate of one a day!)  I'm behind on everything else: daily journaling, the index card challenge, mail art exchanges...right now, I am consumed by the urge to apply paint to canvas.  


Melanie said…
It is a beautiful painting. I wish you more paint fun.
Liefs, Melanie
Unknown said…
What bliss! Enjoy the painting binge! Beautiful Work!
This ia beautiful canvas. Enjoy painting!
A'n'G Johnson said…
Oh my goodness! I love EVERYTHING about this piece. I want it!!! It is so incredibly beautiful and well balanced.
Very cool painting! Yes, strike while the "iron" is hot! Go girl!

Sheila in Oregon
Unknown said…
Fantastic work - love all the little background details, and the bird is a great focal point. :)