Big Fish in a Very Small Pond

as yet untitled; 20x20 inches; acrylics
To be honest, this blog post is a bit late because I'm totally caught up in a new journal project (WhooHoo!) and I forgot to get this post written.  More to come on that soon but for now, here's yet another painting.  This one owes a great debt of gratitude to Dina Wakley's "Boulders" stencil which I used to simulate the pebbles in and around the pond.  This is one of those canvases where, halfway through, I think to myself "What was I thinking?!"  I'm not sure if this one is completely done but I am letting it rest for now so I don't run the risk of overworking it.  Oh, and I realize those are some big fish for that size pond; it's meant to be a mandala of sorts...more symbolic than literal. 


Well, not to worry because this is -gorgeous- right now! Perfect!
Trece said…
This is just gorgeous, Michelle. So much detail in these beautiful koi!
Dawn said…
This is stunning Michelle, your Koi are exquisite. Lol I wouldn't want to change a thing.
Hugs x
Kate Robertson said…
I just love love love this. That stencil looks great but your fish are fabulous.
JShelby said…
wow! this is breathtaking!