An End to Unexpected Convergences

I have finally reached the finish line of my "Unexpected Convergences" journal.  I began this journal on November 13, 2012 and the concept was that I would, for once, throw everything into one big journal rather that my usual practice of compartmentalizing each different theme and/or technique.

I worked in one of those Dylusions journals and I have to say that I half love, half hate this journal.  I love the manila cardstock pages which stand up to an incredible amount of paint and abuse without significant warping.  I also love the roomy size of this journal.  On the other hand, I hated the white drawing paper part of this journal and after the first section, I tore the rest of that paper out.  I also hated the sheer enormity of this journal; it seemed to go on forever!  I guess the quest for the perfect journal goes on...

As far as the journal concept - everything in one place - that seemed to work although there were times when I wished some pages were in their own separate space so I could go deeper into an idea.  I can always do that now with separate, smaller journals so it's all good.

I have another Dylusions journal on the shelf waiting for an idea.  I'm pretty burnt out on the "journal-has-to-be-a monumental-volume" concept, preferring to work now in short-term, limited theme journals so we'll see if I work in that fresh Dylusions journal anytime soon.

For a look at almost all the pages from my "Unexpected Convergences" journal, click on this link to be whisked to that particular set of pics in my Flickr photostream.


Dawn said…
Beautiful pages Michelle, I adore the vibrancy of your work and your illustrations are amazing. I particularly love your octopus, superb. Ha ha ha, having had my hands on a Dylusions journal (not my own, bit pricey for my pocket sadly) I can fully appreciate how daunting a book it is to tackle, not only in the volume of pages but the size of them too!! I fully agree about the white paper mixed in with the manilla, would be much more tempted to treat myself to one if it was all manilla!!
Hugs x
Congrats on completing a journal. Beautiful pages. I understand about the Dylusions journal and would love it too if it was all manila paper but I'm not having any problems with the white paper. I just wish the journal was a little smaller.
Unknown said…
I had a great time over on your Flickr Page! Such amazing Candy for the Soul! I was so busy Favoriting them so I could drool more later that I forgot to drink my Coffee! That's saying a lot! You inspire me girl!
Unknown said…
I'm in your camp when it comes to huge journals. I end up feeling like there's no light at the end of the tunnel and that's not the feeling art journaling should give you! The Teesha Moore journals are a really nice size to work with--and I love the one you just did with patterns :)
I agree with you, that is too much pressure anyway. Some journals I get so tired of I can't wait to finish! What I do now (or honestly also because I misplace things), is put one down and pick up another. It might be from years or months ago, and it think that is awesome (but did take some time to get over the need for everything to be in order or categorized). Not that I don't sometimes envy those journal artists who number each journal and keep them all together in the same room on the same shelves! Imagine! :) Anyway, I love your pages, your blog and your art work. :)

Sheila in Oregon
Unknown said…
You are such a great great artist and I love the mix of your styles and pages. I would love to share a working space with you.
Michellem said…
It is such an amazing feeling to finish up a journal - especially one as large as this one - I am on the fence about purchasing one of these - I tend to glue things into my journals which makes them really thick and bulky -
LOVE your octopus - so cool!
Kooky Makes said…
This is the first time I've visited your blog and I love your colour palette & style, especially your illustrations. This is strongly helped by the fact I love octopuses. I will have to spend some time going through post by post over the next few weeks. Congratulations on finishing your journal, it is such a sense of accomplishment I know. Perhaps I should wait until I've read all your blog to ask this question but have you tried the Strathmore Mixed Media 500 journals? They are quite pricy but, in my opinion, have the nicest paper to mix media on of everything I've tried (and I've tried a few).
Love your octopus.He's really cool and. I enjoyed looking at your flicker pages too.There are some really interesting ones- and my favs are the flamingo and the long necked bird at night- you look like you had fun making this journal.
Tracy said…
Gorgeous colours! And I really admire the way you can use them all without them becoming muddy. This was obviously a monumental journal for you. I haven't seen a dylusions journal so have no idea how large it is. Have you ever made your own? I like doing that then I can have pages of the size and shape that I want and with as many pages spreads as I choose. This works nicely when you have a theme and a particular number of spreads you want to do.