Summer Softie Sewing

For those new here (or as a reminder to old friends,) I teach art to middle through high school students on Fridays throughout the school year.  I am blessed to be able to teach at a small charter school where I can completely design my own classes.  This year, I introduced a new class called "Softies: Design & Construction" and it was wildly popular.  It was quite a challenge for me to teach 20 students how to sew all at the same time but we managed and the resulting creations were absolutely darling.  I loved watching the students hug their completed softies and listening to the marvelously inventive stories behind their creations.

Since I find myself with a wealth of free time now that summer break is here, I am in the process of revamping and freshening up my curriculum.  That includes making new samples to show!  As I practice my cartooning (in anticipation of teaching that again this fall as well), I have developed a bunch of new ideas for softies so I've been sewing up a wee menagerie of critters and creatures.

These are really a three-dimensional extension of my cartooning and illustration work and I enjoy the challenge of taking a doodle from paper to felt.  Once I get going on these, I find it very, very hard to stop.  I usually make monsters but I think my favorites in this group are the softies inspired by real animals.

P.S. Mr. Marley Bear loves it when I sew since the studio table becomes covered in all sorts of soft things upon which taking a nap is required.  Stitch by stitch, I work on projects, soothed by the handwork and the Bear's gentle snores.


Dianne said…
I LOVE your blog and your 100+ things and your art!! ok. I'll try not to seem like a stalker, but would like to add your blog to my Blog List at
? hope that's ok?
Cate Rose said…
These critters are wonderful!! Marley is gorgeous, I've always had a soft spot for orange kitties.
Have a great weekend.
Wanda said…
Wonderful! I think this could make it on my summer to do list, and how fun for your students, where were you when I had textile classes in school! Love your blog
Anonymous said…
Darling little critters
Unknown said…
The pig in the pink tutu is my favorite, can we see the cartoons too?
Unknown said…
Ok, do I love your painted Critters or your fabulous Softies better? Can't decide! Love them both!
JShelby said…
Hellooo adorables! That cyclops is ever so charming, I wonder if he would like to come for tea?