Playful Peeks

Work continues on my new, short term journal "Play: A Field Guide" and in today's post, I've included some detail shots of the pages.

In this journal, I began with blocks of brilliant watercolor in the background which I then used as inspiration for the patterns that I rendered in equally-vibrant acrylics.  Other than paint, I am allowing myself to use handcarved stamps, hand lettering, and hand-painted "commercial" products (with the exception of the cover where I used a little bit of scrapbooking paper before I decided to be so restrictive.)

The sole point of this journal is to play, of course!  The jarring juxaposition of shape and color may seem wild but I find the process quite soothing.  As I work, I'm leaving room to letter some of my favorite quotes about play and I'll do this when all the pattern work is complete.


Unknown said…
I like very much your work! The colors are fantastic. zouzou
JShelby said…
this is just so much fun!