A Field Guide: Day 2

I had a tremendous amount of fun with this small journal.  The brightness of the colors, the soothing repetition of pattern-painting, the quiet concentration required for hand-lettering...all of these factors made for a very enjoyable journaling experience.

In regards to lettering, I have several Dover books of copyright-free fonts.  I choose a font I think is suitable for the tone and length of the quote I want to letter and then I draw each letter in pencil, referring to the font exemplar as needed.  Once the quote is drawn out in pencil, I use an ordinary fine-tip marker to color in each letter.  It takes time but I find the process oddly comforting.

Not every page in this journal features a quote.  Many pages are just pure pattern and wild clash of colors.  I wanted this "field guide" to be as much about the actual process of playing as it was about the insightful quotations that encapsulated the essence and philosophy of play.

This reveal will continue next Monday and Thursday so stay tuned!


Melanie said…
Love them ;)
Liefs, Melanie
Unknown said…
This is gorgeous, and such a great example of how lettering and doodling creates a work of art! Thanks for sharing! --Sandy Leigh
Carolyn Dube said…
What a great journal! Love all the color and pattern!
Fun journal. Love the bold colors. I think you picked the right quote when you talked about being old enough to read fairy tales again. Isn't that the truth?
Patricia said…
Beautiful journal pages & your lettering is an inspiration!
Kate Bucci said…
I am absolutely LOVING this! So inspiring. I have a small plain journal just waiting for something, and I think it's going to be bright, colourful patterns. Gorgeous. And I know what you mean about hand lettering, it's weirdly soothing, isn't it.
Marcia Beckett said…
Love the colors and patterns. Beautiful work.
I love every page! Gorgeous.

Sheila in Oregon