Gelli Prints: Set 1/Side1

I'm currently at play in Carla Sonheim's Gelli Plate Printmaking class and what you see here is side 1 of my first set of Gelli prints (8 pages to a set).  I've printed these doubled-sided because I intend to bind these pages into mini books and journals.  Tomorrow I'll reveal side 2.

I've kept these prints pretty simple because I'm probably going to use them as backgrounds for creatures and I don't want too much background busy-ness to clash with my subsequent paintings and drawings. 

These are incredibly fun and simple to do.  (Hint: The faster you work, the better the results; don't overthink!) These prints are useful for a wide variety of art projects.  I am very excited to see where I can take these next! 

If you have a Gelli plate (or make your own from unflavored gelatin), I highly recommend this mini class!


Love your Gelli prints, Michele! I just finished that class myself. Endless possibilities for color and fun!
Cate Rose said…
These are great, Michelle! Good idea printing them double sided. I've been tinkering with mine per ideas in later class sessions...but I prefer simple, I'm finding. It's so easy to go too far with a piece. Despite all the things one can do with bad prints, I did chuck a few over the weekend! Have a great week. Hugs.
Sim said…
I love them all! :)
Meghan Thimjon said…
Somehow stumbled upon your blog and have been slowly going through your old posts, and lots of them! Love all your content!
I felt somehow connected to your blog and through reading it I saw that you deal with chronic illness and boy can I relate! I think I saw a post somewhere that mentioned fibromyalgia along with all those surgeries! My gosh
I love my gelli plate! And you are right you can't overthink, just work work! It's so amazing that you can sit for hours and never have anything repeated!
Love all your cute creatures that you have created too!!!