A Peek into My Sketchbooks

I work in journals and I work in sketchbooks.  For me, those are two very different things.  I work on each journal page from start to finish, one by one.  In my sketchbooks, I bounce from page to page, sometimes adding to a single page for months at a time.  My journals are a mixed media paradise whereas my sketchbooks are strictly pen and water media.  I share virtually all of my journal pages.  My sketchbooks are more intimate and personal and I hold their contents very close to my heart.  I hope you enjoy this rare glimpse into my sketchy world. 
I love to practice drawing faces but I am trying to force myself to draw bodies as well.  So far, my characters don't do much with those little bodies except stand still and pose for me.  I aim to get these characters "up" and moving around so I can expand my illustration skills.

I am much more comfortable drawing creatures and Og is my newest character.  I've been working on drawing dear, sweet Og in various positions and situations because, ultimately, I'd like to have him star in his own comic strip.


Cate Rose said…
I know you think your drawing leaves a lot to be desired...but as one who "doesn't draw," I'm in awe of your talent/skill. Thanks for letting us peek into your private world. xo
JShelby said…
tee hee I like the redhead on your 'practice faces' page - and of course Og the Dragon, he's just fantastic. Thank you for the rare and beautiful glimpse!
iHanna said…
Love the Og dragon! I think it's fascinating how we use our notebooks in different ways depending on what we call them and what our intentions are. I do it like that too, have different uses and different ideas for my books. All good, but different!

Happy May
gretchen said…
i heart og :)