144 Characters Under My Belt, 221 to Go!

In January I decided to undertake a mammoth art challenge:  Create 365 drawn, painted, sculpted, and/or sewn characters throughout the course of 2013.  With this journal page, I have created 144 characters so far this year.  To see pictures of all the characters, check out this Flickr set.

I'm not quite halfway through the challenge and I am starting to feel fatigued.  I've been ahead of the game right from the beginning but I'm not generating pieces at the pace I was when I began so I anticipate falling behind if I don't catch my second wind.  It is certainly not for lack of imagination or interest, but rather time and energy; everyday life has sort of asserted itself over my art life in recent weeks.

Summer break from teaching will hit at the end of May so I am hoping the sudden gift of free time will breathe new life into this challenge for me. 


Cate Rose said…
Your prodigious output amazes me. Hope all is well with you this week. xo
Melanie said…
This is a funny little man. Good luck with the other ones.
Liefs, Melanie
JShelby said…
what a fabulous mustache. Here's to a second wind!