The Two Princes

Once I completed Mitsi B's mini class Break On Through, I immediately began to fold the techniques shown into my own.
"The Two Princes"
  • I threw out techniques I knew I would never use due to lack of supplies or other reasons.  For example, I never use fixatives or spray paints because I live with an asthmatic and two cats and that stuff is hard on one's lungs.  This means no use of charcoal in these pieces for shading or spray paints for a burst of color.
  • I stuck with a specific set of collage materials to give this series a cohesive look, something I always do when working on a series of pieces.  I repeated visual elements and I also used a specific palette of colors and set of tools to strengthen that overall, unified look and feel.
  • While I began by working intuitively (making a background and then seeing what I could find without preplanning), once that part was over, I worked very deliberately to create characters inspired by my previous drawings and doodles.  This marriage of the intuitive and intentional working processes resulted in unique images that reflect Mitsi's wonderful inspiration and my own aesthetic. 


Melanie said…
I realy like youre new style. It makes me smile.
Liefs, Melanie
mjk said…
i also like your "monster" series. they are just too cute to be scary, lol. like that you are exploring and letting the intuitive and intent come together. it is working great. looking forward to seeing more.
Netty said…
brilliant design. Hugs Annette x
Unknown said…
I like your monsters, I will be very happy to see us again.
bellefrogworks said…
Really loving the princes as well! They may be "monsters" but they are too cute to be scared of.
Unknown said…
Very cool and thoughtful too about aspects of the class you are keeping and shedding.