The Rainbow Umbrella

There's been a lot of worry on the homestead lately about issues I don't discuss here at Lost Coast Post.  (I try to keep the focus on my art with occasional discussion of my health challenges if I think it might inspire others.)  Even if I don't share those personal difficulties, they are behind-the-scenes influencing my art on a daily basis.

This painting, inspired by Mindy Lacefield's online class Paint Your Story, generated a lot of deep thought.  I thought about how blue I feel when it seems clouds of worry and doubt and fear follow me around day after day.  I thought about how, even as I have my own concerns, I worry first about others.  Sometimes that gets in the way of allowing myself to tend to my own needs, to indulge in much needed self-care routines.  This little monster is also dealing with a storm of worries and yet he decides to protect the posies instead of his own head.  Hopefully, he'll soon realize that his umbrella can shelter both during the coming bout of unpleasant weather.  It is a good lesson for monster and artist alike.


DAWN said…
That piece is full of sincerity and earnest and I love it so (even more with the background story, makes him really come to life).
I hope all your worries and woe scatter to the wind and you let go and know that it will all work itself out. The Universe is arranging it for you. You don't need to know how, you just need to believe and let it in. Much love and peace to you
JShelby said…
aw...I love this little monster! I want to frame him and put him in my daughter's room so I can spin some bedtime stories about him. I hope that he holds his umbrella over you as well.
Alice said…
so true, and a good thing for me to remember as well!
and your little monster guy is cute as can be! sporting that little rainbow umbrella :)
JShelby said…
I just can't get this little monster out of my you think you would ever consider selling a copy?