The King's Advisor

"Ogden the Wise"
Every kingdom needs an advisor and in King Douglas's realm, that role is filled by Ogden the Wise.  He's soft-spoken but firm, a keen and fair counsel to the monarchy.  He sits on the queen's shoulder, nibbling her hair, offering bits of sage advice, and occasionally swooping down on one of the many mice that inhabit the castle.  (The Queen, by the way, has yet to make an appearance in my work, perhaps because she is shy or perhaps because she is still evaluating my worth as court artist.) 

PS...This marks my 500th post here at Lost Coast Post, a milestone I think is worth noting since I have had an on & off relationship with this blog in the last 6-plus years.  I am currently publishing five days a week which is somewhat of a grand feat for me given my health and schedule.  A big, warm thank you goes out to every single one of my readers for following along with my various flights of artistic fancy.  Absolutely could not do all this without you!
x0x0 - Michelle


Melanie said…
Congrats with your 500 post. And the owl is so cute with his big eyes.
Liefs, Melanie
Snap said…
I think Ogden The Wise has a cool gig! :D :D
FloridaBird said…
My favorite so far! I would love to see a tutorial on how you make these.
Congrats on your milestone.
Unknown said…
Wonderful eyes! Me thinks he thinks TOO much!!!
I LOVE this!! Adorable and cool!