Friday, April 26, 2013

Share the Link Love Week 4

Happy Friday everyone!  The blessed weekend is almost upon us!  For your blogging pleasure, here's my set of links for week 4 of Share the Link Love:

Lunches from home never looked so artful...

Can you handle all the inspiration?

"For Those Afraid of Drawing"

The inspiring Lynne Hoppe...

Art in the round courtesy of Alisa Burke...


  1. Finally got my post up today! I'm so happy you've joined the mission. I shall investigate your links. Hugs and wishes for a weekend of arting, my dear.

  2. Great link list, again! :-)

  3. the first post from Lynne Hoppe was about packing supplies for creating art away from home. So needed that as I get ready for a trip myself. This is the beauty of serendipity. We find what we need when we need it. Thanks for sharing and being part of it!

  4. :) I linked to Lynne as well, and so has one other people. I am looking forward to exploring your first three links, all new to me by the sounds of it! :) Thank you for sharing.


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