Monday Morning Yeti

"Monday Morning Yeti"
The resident yeti here at Lost Coast Post is obviously not a Monday morning creature.  (We are kindred spirits, he and I.)  There's a lot to show you this week including more of this series sparked by Mitsi B's mini class Break On Through

Hopefully, sometime this week, I'll also get around to showing you an artist book I made after taking Diana Trout's Circle Journal class.  Sometimes it takes me a while to work my way through an online class but when I do, I always feel more enriched and inspired.  I live in a rather isolated corner of California so online classes are my primary way of expanding my artistic knowledge post-art degree.  Finances are very limited so I am extremely picky about what I take; I prefer classes that are easily adaptable to my own visual style, thematic interests, and supply stash.  I also appreciate classes that remain open indefinitely so that I can work at my leisure and/or return to the course material for a refresher.

Anyway, there's a full week ahead here at Lost Coast Post so I do hope you'll join me!  

PS...As we've all heard, Google Reader is going away.  I personally do not use a blog feed, preferring instead to visit each blog individually.  I have heard good things about both Feedly and BlogLovin' so I think it is just a matter of personal preference.  I also have a "Follow By Email" option in my sidebar if you would prefer my posts be delivered directly to your inbox.  Generally speaking, I publish Monday through Friday with rare Saturday posts scattered here and there throughout the year.  However you choose to follow my art adventures, I deeply appreciate your visits and comments!


Melanie said…
Your Yeti is looking good. Love the details that shine trought the white.
Liefs, Melanie
Anonymous said…
Well your creatures are simply delightful! I took Mitsi's class but have yet to sit down and make one of my own. Not sure why, just haven't but I am immensely enjoying yours!