Don't spend a lot of time imagining the worst-case scenario.  It rarely goes down as you imagine it will, and if by some fluke it does, you will have lived it twice.  When things go bad, don't run, don't hide.  Stick it out, and be scrupulous in facing every part of your fear.  Try to be still.  It will take time, but you'll find that even the gravest problems are finite -- and that your choices are infinite.
                Michael J. Fox

Last Tuesday afternoon, my neurologist delivered the news that I had Parkinson's Disease.  Frankly, I wasn't as shocked or surprised as you'd think; I've known for months that something was really amiss.  I woke up Wednesday morning feeling as though my life had just restarted.  I spent the balance of the week and then the weekend, painting and journaling till each night came and I fell into bed, shaky and exhausted...and fulfilled.

Of all the art I created last week, I keep coming back to this image.  It came together serendipitiously as the most important images often do: a quick watercolor sketch and a clipped word that spent weeks floating 'round my studio table.

This is me.  This is you.  Whether our circumstances are ordinary or extraordinary, every single day we pull ourselves out of bed and face a new day, we are brave.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by last Thursday and left behind words of encouragement or well wishes.  They were so needed.  I hope this space will continue to inspire and uplift as I continue on my journey through art and life.  I feel better knowing that instead of being a lone lioness, I am, in fact, surrounded by an entire pride of lion-hearted souls.  Let's step forward into the unknown each morning, hands smeared with paint and heads held high.  There is so much more art to be lived. 


Cate Rose said…
YES!! Have a wonderful week, my friend. xo

p.s. As Buddhists say, the only way out is through.
Anonymous said…
I just read today's post. I'm sorry to hear about your diagnose. I love your positive attitude. Michael J. Fox's quote is so true. We really don't know what will happen and worrying takes about now. I was the queen of worrying for many years. It did nothing but stress me. I appreciate being able to share your art nnd your journey.
JShelby said…
what an inspiring quote, "be scrupulous in facing every part of your fear". Amazing.
Natasha said…
So brave and inspirational to all of us. You are very lion-hearted! Your art is fabulous as well!
Janet said…
Love the image and the word. Hand in hand. With your positive attitude, your days will be so much more fulfilling. And its kind of relief to know why things haven't been the way the should be; now you can move forward. All the best!
Your words have stirred me, Michelle. "There is so much more art to be lived," is such a wonderful motto. All the best in living it long and creatively!
Marrianna said…
I've thoroughly enjoyed your artwork and your blog life. Thank you for sharing it with us. Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ
Sambre said…
I am sorry to hear about your health, but your strenght is such an inspiration! I am truly touched.

Sambre in Montreal
gypsy said…
Wishing you painty fingers and strength as you move forward.