Edgar Shares Some Link Love

This is Edgar.  Edgar lives in Fiddlestick Hollow along with Ellery and Egor whom you met on Wednesday.  In this portait, Edgar looks a little like a deer in headlights but the court artist assures me this is a faithful rendering of this stylish little monster.  

In addition to Edgar, I also have for you five more links to investigate in honor of Tammy's "Share the Link Love" campaign for April.  Check them out, leave a comment, spread the love of blogging far and wide!

Lesley Barnes fashion illustration Tumblr

The beautiful book arts of Constance Rose

Monstrous inspiration from Creaturemag

The awesome Doodler's Anonymous Flickr pool

The completed Millenium Postcard Swap!  


Melanie said…
Edgar is looking so sweet.
Liefs, Melanie
Anonymous said…
I totally love Edgar!
Cheers! (I found my way to your blog via link love :))
Natasha said…
I love Edgar!! Completely loving the characters you are creating. I am so excited to get my postcard back from the completed Millenium Postcard Swap! It was so exciting to follow the progress of them and to see them all finished...A stunning project to start the year off with. :) Thanks for the sharing the links, I will check the others out this weekend.
sharon said…
I love Edgar! Looked at rest of blog it is awesome.
Terri Kahrs said…
Michelle - I know that I commented on this little guy before, but I had to stop by to see "more"!!! Thanks so much for your blog visit. Yours is one of my top 3. I've been absent from blogland way too long and have been trying to "find my way back". I hope that all is well in your world. And, yes . . . . OMG! You'd LOVE a Gelli Plate! I resisted and resisted. A few of my creative friends "told me" that I'd love it. They were RIGHT!!! It's definitely worth the investment. Sending HUGE hugs, Terri ♥
gypsy said…
Michelle, I'm so happy to see your character project thriving! I was just amazed to see my happiness postcard back from the Millennium swap, what FUN and happy we did it together. Thank you for joining the link-love mission!!!