Born to Catch Dragons

I was born to catch dragons in their dens,
And pick flowers,
To tell tales and laugh away the morning,
To drift and dream like a lazy stream,
And walk barefoot across sunshine days.
James Cavanaugh

Welcome to the first of April and another week of ramblings about my art and art life!

Last week, I revealed my most recent journal pages and my budding love affair with black gesso.  As I played in my journal, I knew that I wanted to keep pushing and experimenting because I could feel myself pulling closer to the "more edgy" art I've sought for years.  I was beginning to work on a more intuitive level but I needed a bit more inspiration.

"Born to Catch Dragons"
Enter serendipity!  I happened to check in on Roben-Marie's blog and saw this post regarding her new work inspired by an artist nicknamed Mitsi B (aka Michelle Kral.)  I followed the virtual breadcrumbs to the Ning site, The Trodden Path, and onward to Mitsi's mini workshop Break On Through.  Thirty-five dollars later and I was watching Mitsi complete two mixed media paintings from start to finish.  The process was simplistic and magical and I took to it immediately.  This new material is the perfect companion to my current explorations of a shadowy cartoon universe.

All this week, I'll be showing my Break On Through classwork.  My pieces made in response to Mitsi's class definitely have her influence but I see myself in them too. 


Anonymous said…
I love your latest dragon. He's a very fun and happy dragon. I like your recent work very much.
Roben-Marie said…
I absolutely LOVE your characters!! Let me say it again, LOVE!!!!