Watercolor Wednesday: Join the Resistance Part 1

Hello and welcome to another installment of Watercolor Wednesday!  If you're just joining us, Watercolor Wednesday is a semi-regular feature here at Lost Coast Post (on Wednesdays of course!) where I offer up what I know about watercolor or show what I've been working on in watercolor, one of my very favorite mediums.

Today it is all about resists.  Put quite simply, a resist is something used to block the watercolor from coloring the paper.  I put the different kinds of resists into one of three categories: temporary, permanent, and faux.

Temporary resists are just that - temporary.  The substance used to create the resist can be removed once the paint is dry, leaving behind the white of the paper.  Tapes are great for making large areas of resist.  Plastic tapes like packing and Scotch tape work best.  Just be sure and "de-sticky" the tape a little first by sticking it to your clothes.  You want the tape to just barely stick to the paper and not rip it when you go to remove it.  Masking fluid is another form of temporary resist and one I will discuss more in depth next week.  Basically, you apply, let dry, paint, and then remove.  

Permanent resists are applied to the paper and remain there forever.  They tend to be hard to write over since by their nature, resists need to be some sort of substance that repels water and anything that repels water likes to repel ink as well.  However, permanent resists can produce some fabulous results.  You can see by my sample page that there are all sorts of things that can work as permanent resits for watercolor including crayons, wax pencils, glues, mediums, and gessos.  Some work better than others so choose your resist based on how dramatic you wish the contrast to be between paint and the white of the paper.

Faux resists are applied on top of the paint and mimic the look of an actual resist.  White acrylic ink works well to add white highlights to watercolor as could white paint, gesso, and white gel pens. 

Next Wednesday, I'll discuss masking fluid a bit more, outlining some tricks and tips that might make using this substance trouble-free.  

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