More Face Painting Practice

This particular lady has an unfortunately-shaped face but I love her features and the shading is reasonably successful.  I know many art journalists feel a great deal of nerves when it comes to painting faces but as the ancient adage goes...practice makes perfect.

Now that I'm comfortable drawing faces in pencil and marker, I practice rendering different emotional states, head positions, skin tones, ages, and sizes.  In addition, I am practicing adding bodies to those heads.  This is an essential skill if I want to build my illustration abilities.

However, I'm still learning when it comes to painting faces, so I tend to keep the features in a neutral, perhaps passionless, expression.  I'm just trying to cement in my head the placement and proportion of the all the parts as well as working out my particular face painting style.  For now, I am a beginner and I need to start, naturally, at the beginning.

Once I feel competent at this, I'll branch away from the ubiquitous neutral face and start to produce characters that express emotion.  Since my characters are stand-ins for things I'm feeling and experiencing, it is important to me that I be able to paint something other than a pretty girl staring off into space.  (BTW, this is something I've written about before and you can find those old posts on the blank face trend here and here.)


Melanie said…
She just looks great, nobody is perfect Ü
Liefs, Melanie
Daisy Yellow said…
She's got an amusing expression. Cheers to you for forging ahead with your own style.
SAMARA said…
Hey Michelle: This face looks like "YOUR" style! If I saw this elsewhere I would flip saying "she's gorgeous" and how on earth did that person come up with that signature look. Pleeeeeeez consider keeping her look but change whatever else. I haven't seen this face shape on any of the types of looks that people do in their characatures of faces. I love this. It speaks volumes of personality, of attitude, and of pleasure around the mouth potential because of having it so close to the chin. So that is just this one person's opinion. I know it has to be our personal happiness, but I authentically love her. If you give her up, let "me" know! Truly, I mean that. She is truly one of a kind...and I would not say that if I had seen her style, your style elsewhere. Lovies, Samara
SAMARA said…
Oh, Michelle, I also looked again and i love the colors you have used in every part of the face and picture, outside of her face to offset it. The colors in the face, lips etc. are outstanding.
Marrianna said…
I love the face. It is wonderful. You give me the courage to try faces myself. Thank you.