Just 292 To Go!

My happy march towards 365 drawn, painted, sewn, and sculpted characters in 2013 continues unabated.  Below is a sampling of the 73 characters I've created as of today.  To see all my creatures & critters, please visit my character gallery at Flickr.  And don't forget to visit other 365ers like Tammy and ihanna and cheer them on!  I promise you'll be blown away by all the collage goodness being created!

1. 365char23, 2. Character #1: Safari Girl, 3. 365char11, 4. MMchar57, 5. bust1, 6. StarsPortrait6, 7. UC page 32, 8. MMchar61, 9. 365char15, 10. Character #32, 11. 365char30, 12. 365chars27thru29, 13. 365/2013 Character #50, 14. StarsPortrait7, 15. WWJan292013, 16. 365char18, 17. bust3, 18. 365char31, 19. Character #30, 20. MMchar63


Barbara Hagerty said…
This is happiness in a post! How can you look at this and not SMILE! Starting with that wonderful purple creature in the upper left hand corner! Thanks for posting this! It made my day!
Olivia Lovejoy said…