Fearless Stitching

Because I am feeling a distinct lack of irons in the fire (lol), I've decided to begin a new slow art project.  In my case, things will proceed very slow as quilting is one of those things that makes me feel all thumbs.  Still, one of my resolutions, this year and last, was to work more with fabric.  I feel incredibly guilty every time I look at my fabric stash.  I am slow to build momentum on fabric art projects but once I get going (and can wrap my brain around all the instructions), quilting is an incredibly fulfilling pursuit.  

The book Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, & Inspiration by Malka Dubrawsky is my guiding light on this project.  I began with what I call a "teacup mat" and now, I'm moving on to a pair of placemats.  I love Malka's contemporary and approach to quilting and her use of vibrant color appeals to me on every level.  The instructions in this book are fairly clear and detailed so even I can muddle through and end up with something functional and beautiful.  In fact, there isn't a placemat project in this book but I felt confident enough after creating my sample block to venture out on my own and design a set.  Fearless indeed!


Joyfulploys said…
Michelle, you are so multi-talented! I like your clay figures and watercolors and your little collage creatures...and now quilting. I have recently been torn between quilting and art...I can do both, I have finally decided. Your blog is a source of inspiration...thank you!