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Happy Friday everyone!

Today, I am guest posting over at the fabulous blog of the equally fabulous Julie Fei-Fan Balzer so if you get a moment, please click on over and check it out!

If you are joining me via the post on Julie's blog, welcome!  Please feel free to poke around my blog; the tabs at the top are a good place to begin.  You might also be interested in my gallery at Flickr which will catch you up on most of the art I've posted here in the last six-plus years of blogging.  You can also find me at Twitter (@LostCoastPost) and I have a small shop at Etsy as well.  Thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the web!


Melanie said…
It was a nice gastpost. So nice to see a photo of you at the end of the post. Now I have a face with the blog Ü.
Liefs, Melanie
Dawn said…
Hi Elizabeth, just popped on over from Julie's blog (thank-you Julie) after reading your lovely guest post. What a gorgeous blog you have, I love your art work and am sure I will be back many times more to take a peek. Thank-you for sharing my lovely.
Huge hugs x
I love your guest post. I never thought of taking pictures of my art work and then using them again. What a fabulous idea! Thank you so much for your inspiration!
Hi, I just found your bog from Julie's blog. I'm so glad your hand surgery went well...must have been scary... And I can really relate to your art process! I often "recycle" my own art into my digital art. I love hand-carving stamps too. Your art is beautiful and really speaks to me. I'll definitely be following your blog to see more of it.
Sherry P
Unknown said…
that was a spectacular post over on Julie's blog!
AmyS said…
I also found you via Julie's blog. Love your art and the style/tone of your blog posts. Will definitely come back
Scrapcollectr said…
I'm here from Julie's blog. I just have to tell you that as an artist on the cusp of mixed media, your story has inspired me to take the step. I admire your intent to create every aspect of your art.. That is the truest form and you have beautiful results. I know I will be visiting often for continued inspiration. Thank you!
Dawn said…
OMG Michelle, I am so so sorry, I have no idea where 'Elizabeth' came from and hope to goodness I didn't offend you!!
Apologies and hugs x
Michelle Remy said…
No worries Dawn! :) My first name is Elizabeth and you probably got it from the watermark on my middle name is Michelle and what I've been called since birth! You can thank my mom for the confusion! You're not the first!
Janet said…
Just went on a trip through the past blog posts - love them all! I especially like your collaged backgrounds and bird series.