A Fishy Artist Date

One of my 2013 resolutions was to go on at least one artist date each month.  I've made this resolution before but never quite made time to see things through.  I am determined, however, to make this goal a reality this year.  So, in January, I went to the local zoo, had lunch and wandered around, talking to the animals.  In February, I tried something new.

I went with family and friends to a local place called Parasol Arts.  The concept is simple: pick a piece of unpainted bisqueware, spend as long as you need painting, and for the price of the pottery, you get all the supplies you need, glazing, and firing.  I immediately fell in love with this idea as it is a huge thrill to see my artwork in a finished, usable form.  I predict that I'll be spending a lot of time this year at this store, happily painting, listening to music with a cup of tea by my side.  It is an incredibly meditative and rewarding process.

Here's a shot of my two finished fish plates and as a bonus, I included my son's awesome plate (his is the one on top.)  Can you tell who is the marine biology enthusiast?  Once these pieces are glazed and fired, they are completely food-safe.  Can you imagine all the possibilities?  Tea pots, mugs, plates, cookie jars, tiles...I am very excited by this new discovery!  For an artist date, this one really fulfilled all I imagined artist dates could contribute to my art life.  Onward to March!  Where will I go next?  


CJ Kennedy said…
Always thought of the bisqueware places as just places to have kiddie b'day parties. After seeing your faboo fish dishes, I might have to rethink and check them out.
Natasha said…
How cool did they come out!! I am going to find out if we have any similar places near us. I love this idea!
Maddy said…
Love those fishie plates and the colors - well done you!