Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where My Heart Is At

Oh, you thought the stampede of watercolor monsters was over, right?  I think I'm actually just getting started...

I'm discovering that the task of documenting and presenting all the characters is more of a challenge than creating the characters themselves.  There are pictures to be taken, edited, and uploaded.  I update my character count as I get the photos added to my computer.

As for this particular book of monsters, there's more to come which I'm sure will elicit either a "Yay!" or a sigh from my readers.  If I'm to stay authentic here at LCP, I have to show you where my heart is at and right now, my heart is in love with weird creatures and critters.


  1. OK, you get a definite YAY from over here! I love LOVE this critters!!!

  2. I love these! I also really love the simple collage backgrounds. Fantastic work. So much character!

  3. So adorable! I LOVE these pages so much!


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