The One

After my journaling meltdown last week, I took some time to reevaluate my practice.  I really love journaling but I don't have the time or energy to bang my head in frustration.  A little time away as well as a change in focus has reenergized me but so has taking a long, hard look at all my journals.  I asked myself one big question:  if I had to run from home with one journal in my hands, which one would it be?  I felt like the answer to this question would reveal where I might want to focus my efforts as well as what journaling style is closest to my heart.

This particular journal, titled "My World Within," is the one.  Of course, I'd try to escape an emergency with all my journals but if forced to choose...

I love this journal!  I love the colors, the characters (and how each character represents some part of me), and the techniques.  It is an extremely meditative journal as it can take days to complete each page.  I love that the pages are housed in a three-ring binder since that makes it portable, flexible, and super easy to work on individual pages.

I'm going to spend some more time with this journal in upcoming weeks.  There are more stories to tell, more characters to create.


Anonymous said…
Oh we are on the same track. I have been taking a look at which pages really 'sing' to me with a renewed commitment to do more of 'that' kind...and I am also switching to individual pages and then having them bound at Office Max ;)Love your work!!
Katie said…
I loved how you decided to see where your heart was with it! Brilliant! And, looks like a good one!