The Land of Alter Egos

It seems that the red, black, white, cream, gold, and silver color scheme is symbolic of my alter egos, the cast of characters that is often ignored in favor of a candy-colored world.  When I want to dive a bit deeper into my psyche and imagination, it is a natural choice to use a more monochromatic scheme as the landscape for my explorations.

Each page in my book of inner monsters features a watercolored character mounted on top of a small monochromatic collage.  Lots of white space is also a hallmark of this style since that's the exact opposite of how I typically work.  I don't think too much about the monsters beforehand; I just paint some blobs of color on the paper and see what I can discover in the pools and swirls of paint.  This, too, is a refreshing departure from the norm.


Melanie said…
Love both of them.
Liefs, Melanie
Sim said…
I adoooore your characters! :)