Friday, February 22, 2013

As Surely as I Get Stuck...

I don't love every illustration I make.  Nonetheless, I keep on making.  I struggled with this first character from inception as a watercolor blob to collaged background.  Even now, with a little distance between me and its creation, this creature feels forced and somewhat trapped on the page.  No matter.  I move onward.

And in slinks a curious wolf-cat creature, chasing a wild goose by the guiding light of a compass moon.  This is why I need never give up.  As surely as I get stuck, I will get unstuck  What a lovely mantra to remember heading into a creative weekend...


  1. I adore this series of inner monsters! Love that they are painted but cut out, and that the white gives them room to be the personalities that they are. Awesome!

  2. Your artwork is original! Someone will fall in love with your worst nightmare! I do LOVE the one-eyed monster!


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