A Tide of Inner Monsters

It is becoming clear to me that I tend to work on projects, be it a particular journal, illustration play, or sculptures, in weeklong bursts.  This is translating into "theme weeks" here at Lost Coast Post and the theme for this week is "Inner Monsters."  

My bestest art friend in the whole wide world and I have maintained a vibrant and exceedingly chatty email rountine over the last seven years (and more).  I archive all the emails we send to each other and at last count, the Word document spans 243 single-spaced pages and over 130,000 words!  In our letters, we chat about all things art and bounce ideas off each other about our respective art practices.  When Ellen suggests something, I listen.

In our most recent correspondence, Ellen suggested that perhaps my practice of creating characters to serve as proxies for various emotional and personality quirks could use a little "darkness."  I've made lots of cute and cuddly creatures but no one is rainbows and roses all the time.  As Ellen so eloquently put it: "the dark always makes the light pop!"

This conversation immediately sparked something inside me and I went to work on a gallery of less-cute, perhaps somewhat cranky creatures and critters.  Ok...they're still sort of cute but they are flowing out of me as if a dam has burst.  I've filled a spiral-bound watercolor notebook with 20 of these little guys and more are waiting in the wings.  Sooo...all week (and perhaps beyond if this keeps up), expect a tide of monsters to invade this space.


Sarah said…
your friend gives good advice - these cute inner demons clearly wanted to be expressed! love the way you have unified the series with the similar but different enough backgrounds
Marrianna said…
I am way impressed with the advice of your friend and your quirky characters. Great artwork.