Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Millennia Mail Art Swap {Phase 4}

This winter I am warming up my mailbox by participating in a very unique mail art swap with an amazing group of ladies.  This swap is a twist on a project facilitated by Tofu.  A bundle of seven manila postcards were mailed out, each card broken into sections.  Each person in the swap round robin works on a piece of each card and then mails the entire group onward to the next person.  Here are the swap cards after I completed my sections.

Tofu's card; theme "Trees and Leaves" - I added a little leaf drifting on top of a background of leaf-like paint daubs.
Hanna's card; theme "Pink" - Added a piece of painted book page edged with lace and pink polka-dotted washi tapes.
Natasha's card; theme "Ocean" - Attached a piece of hand-painted book page that reminded me of ocean waves.
 My card; theme "Wonderland" - To my own card, I added a small collage of Wonderland ephemera.
Roben-Marie's card; theme "Circles, Dots & Doodles" - Here I added a piece of book page with painted purple circles that I further embellished with gel pens.
Tammy's card; theme "Happiness" - Happiness for me is time and steady hands for stitching so I added a strip of handmade paper and some yellow cross stitches.
Karen's card; theme "Orange Monochromatic" - Added a piece of hand-painted and colored black and orange paper.

These beauties are now off in the mail to Karen and then finally to Roben-Marie.  We're almost done!  Can't wait to see the final results!



  1. Yay, how cool! Love what you put on my pink one, and the others too. Well played my lady!

  2. Oh yay!! They look fantastic! :) I loved seeing what you used.

  3. I saw this on twitter this morning and literally could not wait to get to the computer to see the full postcards! Your contributions to the postcards are quite fun and work so well with all of the parts to date. Well done and THANK you for playing our little game!

  4. oh goody, I'm next! these are so beautiful, I can't wait to have them in my hands.

  5. These cards are even more beautiful in person! I am getting ready to add the finishing touches! :)

  6. Hey look... the entire gang has commented!!!


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