Tuesday, January 22, 2013

With Patience, Something Finally Manifests

I've struggled a bit with journaling recently probably because I've been distracted by post-surgery healing.  It took me two weeks, 17 steps, and lots of patience to go from this:

to this...
Once I got going though, I discovered an entire flock of odd birds inside me, waiting to be born so prepare yourselves for bird pages all week long.  I need to be getting back to work for my ongoing show, "The Motley Menagerie," so this is a perfect way to make my journals support my other art projects.  More than likely, these birds will end up on canvas in one form or another...


  1. Amazing outcome!! :) Love how colorful this page is!
    I like your birds, so I am looking forward to see more of them! :)

  2. Fantastic indeed Michelle!

  3. That is very very cool. I hope you heal quickly


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