The Character Creation Machine Marches Onward

Character creating continues as I plow ahead towards my goal of 365 drawn, painted, sewn, or sculpted characters in 2013.  It should be noted that I am not setting a numerical goal for each week as my health really dictates that I simply take each day as it comes.  I'm just going to see how many characters I managed to create come December 31st.  Be it 365, 251, 57 or 30 characters, I'm going to be happy that I took the time to honor my imagination's desires.

This first set of characters was inspired by an activity in Carla Sonheim's Drawing & Painting Imaginary Animals.  I began with small collages of old book pages and then brushed on some absorbent ground.  I followed this up with ink, watercolor, water-soluble pencils and standard colored pencils.

And here come the robots!  If you don't already know from previous blog posts, I'm crazy for creating robots so it should be no great surprise that a new fleet of robots has wandered into this challenge.  These little mechanical men make 18 characters created so far.  Pictures, including close-ups of all the characters I create this year, are being collected in a special set over at my Flickr photostream.  For easiest assess to this set, click the 365/2013 logo at the top of the blog sidebar and you'll instantly be deposited in the middle of all the critters, characters, and creatures emerging from my brain for this yearlong challenge.

Note: Watercolor Wednesday will resume next week...stay tuned!


So - really - awesome.