Of Strong Chins and Fabulous Facial Hair

While this journal is titled "A Dipper Full of Stars," it might also be nicknamed "A Gathering of Strong Chins." *lol*  Sometimes it is difficult to ignore obvious mistakes but I've actually managed not to cover up or redo anything in this journal; that is a refreshing change of pace that makes me think I need to do a lot more work in permanent ink.

I prefer drawing male portraits as they seem to have so much more personality.  And while I try not to play favorites amongst my drawings, I am particularly fond of this portrait.  What a dapper gentleman and a mighty fine moustache!  I also like how the framing turned out: simple but seems to tell a story.


Marrianna said…
I've been enjoying your drawings very much. Great contour work. Sometime, would you post photos of the actual journals? I want to see what you're working in. I keep wanting to make art journals and don't. But I love to look at them. Thanks,
Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ, USA