Mary Munro and Romanze

For some strange reason, I discovered that it is harder for me to do contour portraits of women than men.  It seems that the chins always get overemphasized and while that looks OK (even handsome) on a man, it's not so flattering on a woman.  Oh well...these portraits are done with waterproof sumi ink that's been loaded into a Pentel Aquash brush so there's no going back once that black line goes down on the paper.  I am courting spontaneity and silliness here so going with the flow is all part of the game.

I did want to tie all my portraits together so each one has the same dot stencilling in the background and some little feature of the portrait is highlighted with red colored pencil.  Of course the red, white, cream, black, gold, and silver color scheme is also repeated throughout.

And if you've visited my Flickr set lately and if you're counting, this makes 40 characters completed so far in my quest to create 365 somethings in 2013.  I'm ahead of the game (which is really the only way I know how to manage such a challenge.)