Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making It Visible

Healing from surgery has taken a slight detour as I triggered a severe flare of tendonitis in my left wrist from using crutches.  Art-making has been occuring in gentle, slow units of time.  I am continuing to work in this landscape-oriented watercolor pad...loving the unique size and shape!  More characters here towards my 365 in 2013 goal!


  1. Great advice hope you feel better soon

  2. i got one of these landscape pads, too, i'm using it to draw larger size zentangle art. i found your blog from an email today from European Paper Company. i love what i see so far! i'm going do some more reading - thanks for sharing your talent!

  3. Love it! It really is a unique sized paper! Hope your wrist will be better soon!

  4. I know you're probably in a lot of I really appreciate the time you take to share your art with us. I'm loving your sweet characters!


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