Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Small Obsession

During my little blog break between Christmas eve and New Year's Day, I threw myself, wholly and enthusiastically, into studio play time.  I don't often get long stretches of unscheduled time but when I do, I like to catch up on tasks that generate tools and supplies to use in future projects.  So, for example, I might spend a couple days just making serendipity papers for future journal work.
Another task I love to get lost in is stamp carving.  As I watched Christmas movies, sipped coffee, and felt the knots in my shoulders melt away, I carved some new stamps.  And as I was carving, I had a random thought: "I wonder how many stamps I've carved so far over the past several years."

That thought distracted me until I could satisfy my curiosity.  So I dragged out every single stamp I've ever carved and proceeded to take pictures.  At first, I thought I'd try to get them all in one shot but that rapidly became obviously unrealistic.

I love carving stamps!  I tend to work in series:  I've carved animals, topiaries, stamps for journaling, a entire neighborhood of house stamps, and background stamps (my favorite.)  Hand-carved stamps are an excellent way to add your own unique mark to your work.

And by the way, the count so far is 230 and counting...

Note:  Watercolor Wednesday will return when I'm feeling a little better and can sit in the studio to develop new material...haven't forgotten about it...


  1. Beautiful collection!
    Awesome work!

  2. oooh, I love them!!!
    Beautiful stamps!
    I like carving stamps, too. But mine are a dozen, more or less :)

  3. I confess that I have always wanted to dedicated some time to doing this but have been too busy to do so.. looking at your collection tempts me to carve out the time regardless! (Erm, no pun intended)

  4. Wow... that's a lot Michelle! I too like carving stamps but I'm not near to the amount you show here! Your post reminds me I should carve some more background stamps - I love backgrounds too! Happy and healthy New Year to you dear!

  5. Amazing!!!!! :)

    I totally want a collection like yours! :)

  6. Wow! I just started carving my own stamps, and have about twelve done. Your collection is extremely inspiring!

  7. These are great photos of all of your stamps together. I just started carving stamps this month, and I'm having so much fun. It's addictive!


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