365/2013: Character Play

My biggest decision for my 365 in 2013 project was where to contain the drawn & painted characters created throughout the year (the sculpted or sewn ones will just hang out with me in the studio.)  In the end, I think my project work will be spread out over a few journals & notebooks; I'll just do what feels natural.  No sense in making things too complicated.  Characters 2 through 8 were created in a 6-inch by 18-inch cold press watercolor notebook.  I like the landscape layout and heavyweight paper; I'll be treating this like a really long journal that just happens to be populated by a bunch of odd characters, critters, and creatures.  Here's some close-up shots:


Unknown said…
I'm just catching up with you and your challenge. I love the idea! I also am very drawn to your characters and your dense, saturated backgrounds. Love your work!
Oh my gosh...they're pure magic! What a great use of 'on hold' time.
Giggles said…
Adorable...what a grand idea!!
Love your characters!!

Hugs Giggles