Watercolor Wednesday: Brush Play

In future weeks, I plan on diving a bit deeper into the specifics of watercolor (such as paper, paints, techniques and so on) but my best recommendation for improving your watercolor work is to play with abandon!  Swirl a brush around and get a feel for how differently-shaped brushes perform.  Test out a round brush by painting circles and swirls; make grids with flat brushes.

I'm keeping a small notebook just for these kinds of experiments and at the end of the day, when I'm tired and unfocused, I pull out the watercolors and let the color wander.  Pay attention to how the paint dashes into wet areas and how it pulls up short when encountering dry paper.  (This is an important quality of watercolor that we can manipulate to our advantage.)

Also, now's the time to toss any questions you may have my way so I can get a feel for what everyone might want to learn.  Blogging is so much easier with interaction between blogger and readers!  Anyway, leave your questions on this post (or any other Watercolor Wednesday post) and I'll use those questions to shape my "lessons."


MadameRenard said…
I really like the first page :)
Unknown said…
What kind/ brand of watercolors do you use? Does it matter?
Sim said…
Ooooh Michelle, I adore these pages!