Taking a Wee Break

I've been doing so much better about posting regularly here at Lost Coast Post but as the holiday craziness shifts into overdrive, I've realized that, ironically, I actually need to take a wee break to stay on track.  I'll be taking a break until January 1st so I can spend some time in the studio, visit family, and gather material for future blog posts.  I'm having my 10th surgery on January 7th so I'll be working to write entries that can auto-post during my recovery.  There's lots to do before then so I need a bit of an electronic timeout.  This will ensure that I can be on top of it in the future.  Hope that makes sense...I wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday season and I'll see you in this space again when the calendar flips to 2013! 
x0x0 -  Michelle


Bev said…
merry christmas Michelle and a safe and happy one

hugz bev