More Journal Pages & Questions Answered

I thought I'd take today to share some more journal pages (all of these feature photos I've taken) as well as answer a couple of questions that have drifted my way in the comments.

Krys from Second Sunday asked the ever-popular question: what pen is best to use over acrylics?

Here's the deal:  acrylics actually need time to cure, not just dry.  Unless I'm using a liquid paint pen (such as the Sharpie water-based paint markers) or Sumi ink (which dries on the surface of the paint) I try to wait several hours before writing over acrylics with any hard-tipped pen.  Dry to the touch just isn't good enough.  Otherwise, the pen tip digs into the thin layer of dried paint and encounters pen-ruining damp paint.  It doesn't seem to matter if the layers are super thin; if I don't wait, I'll need to buy another pen.  However, if I'm patient, I find that I can use any permanent, water-based pen such as Microns, Sharpies, and my favorite, Bic Mark-its.  (Another great justification for having multiple journals going at the same time.)

Sandra from Sandra's Vintage Heart asked about the water-to-reinker ratio when I make my own spray inks.  In one of the standard small spray bottles (Target's sample/travel size section is a great place to get these), I use about 75% distilled water to about 60 drops from the reinker.  Shake well and do a test spray on white paper.  If it seems too weak, add ten drops at a time until you get the color intensity you desire.  Why the distilled water?  I'm not terribly picky about archival and acid-free; a little bit of research into book conservation will tell you that such labels are really just marketing ploys.  However, using distilled water means you won't be saturating your journal with any impurities that could be in your tap water.

As far as the reinkers I like...any bright colors from Ranger work well and I also like the Nick Bantock colors (also made by Ranger I believe.)  I'm not sure if the latter are still in production but maybe if you search the 'net...

I also use a lot of liquid watercolors straight from the bottle.  This is a terribly fugitive (fading) form of watercolor but journals aren't normally exposed to constant light so it isn't as much of a worry for journal work.  


eli said…
Three beautiful pages, Michelle!
Marcia Beckett said…
Thanks for the tip about curing. I didn't think about that.
Unknown said…
I never would have known that! Thank you!