Friday, December 7, 2012

Leaping at the Urging of Inner Whispers

You may well be looking at a vanishing breed from my journals: the page created from found images.  In the course of working on this journal, "Unexpected Convergences," I've had myself a bit of an epiphany: I really want to focus on creating my own imagery whether it be painting, drawing, photos, or photocopies of old journal pages.  I have a couple of journals (such as the ongoing "World Within") in which I am more comfortable using found images but generally speaking, I feel this deep pull towards the pictures in my own head.

This is not a new goal but rather one I've been steadily working towards over the past few years.  I've long felt that collaging with found images is just not my thing; I never amassed a huge image collection like some and every completely collaged page for me is almost without exception, agonizing to create.  Painted pages, on the other hand, seem to flow out of my heart & soul like liquid mercury.  Those pages feel like friends; I simply don't have that type of attachment to pages that rely totally on images from outside sources.

I must admit to being a tad worried about how my audience here will respond to a sudden switcheroo in the focus of my work.  Maybe people come here to see more "mainstream" work.  (I do think collaging with found or purchased material is more the norm in art journaling although painting & drawing is surging in popularity as more people discover & trust their innate imaginations and art abilities.)  I tend to get the most comments when I post something collaged so I question how many will stick around if I change things up.

Ultimately though, and no offense intended, my journaling isn't about outsiders.  To be honest and authentic, I have to follow those inner whispers that are pushing me to make the leap.  I do hope you all will accompany me as I jump...


  1. Let's make a deal. If you post more alternative art, I'll stick around!

  2. I'll be sticking around :)

  3. I'll be here too! I don't stop by for a particular art style. I stop by because I absolutely LOVE what you create! =D

  4. Just love all your work and im a bit the same, i have a collection of images but they remain in boxes, i just head straight for the paint dont even stamp much or use words, my sketching and painting seems to satisfy my need... anyhoo why use the images of others when u can create your own... u are ahead of the game ..follow your star i love watching...

    hugz bev

  5. Curiously, I also find myself moving away from collage and more towards painting and drawing. I've actually done quite bit of collage in the past, but I don't think I've ever found it as satisfying for me as my current work with watercolours and sketching is. It just feels like time to move on. And I feel very happy that your work is moving in a similar direction and I look forward to seeing more of your new pages!


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