Watercolor Wednesday: Wash Portraits

If I had to pick one medium to get really good at, I would choose watercolor in a heartbeat.  So why wait?!  For a little while, Wednesdays here at Lost Coast Post will be devoted to watercolor: tips, techniques, projects, experiments, challenges and so on.

I found this watercolor project, "Intuitive Watercolor Wash Faces," via Twitter and was immediately intrigued.  In traditional watercolor, no white paint is used; the painter must plan ahead and save the white of the paper (either by painting around or using masking fluid) for the lightest areas of the painting.  Watercolor wash faces are a perfect way to practice reserving the white of the paper.  The addition of black ink doodling is just a fun bonus.
For my first try, I painted two fairly standard faces and once I had the hang of the technique, I painted two, more whimiscal, characters.  Lastly, I painted a pair of owls.  I think I like the more monotone portraits the best; the second little turquoise gal is my very favorite in this set.  


Sim said…
Watercolors is YOUR way of painting, isn't it?
You look so good Michelle!
When I think it's your first time, wouaouh!! <3
Heather said…
Thanks for sharing this project, Michelle! Portraits intrigue me, but I've never done very many of them, and I'd also like to become better at using watercolours. I think that I may give something like this a try myself. I love your portraits, by the way, especially the quirky expressions of the owls.