The List Journal Project: Favorite Songs & Movies

This past Saturday's List Journal prompt was to document your favorite songs and movies.  Although I spent most of my working life (before disability) as a radio disc jockey (both as a civilian and in the military), I found it much easier to name my favorite movies rather than my favorite songs.  Over the years, my love of music has been surpassed by my obsession with film, so much so that I never work to music in the studio.  Music gets me up and dancing rather than working so it is much better to pop a familiar flick into the DVD player.  Science fiction movies are my very, very favorite source of background noise in the studio!  Classic horror movies work sometimes too.

Technically, these pages came together fairly quickly as my watercolor backgrounds in the entire journal are already complete.  Most of the borders are built with strips cut from color copies of old journal pages.  To help unify the journal, I am repeating the curvy black writing and the number stamps on each page.  This is a good trick for maintaining continuity amongst disparate pages.

(And again, if you don't already know this, you can click on the pictures to get a larger version...)


Michelle, your journal pages are awesome!
Unknown said…
Love both of your pages. Thank you for your very inspiring posts. I love visiting you.
Daisy Yellow said…
Thank you for playing along with Hanna and I on the list journal prompts! I love your interpretations, the funky line work and the way the lists are framed on the page. Fun!!!