Convergences Continued

So what's so new about these pages?  I don't really think these pages stray too much from my usual "look" but I do think I'm working differently.  Here's what I'm trying:
  • I am trying to make faster decisions about what to do or include on a page...go more with my gut as it were.  I'm not worried about completing a page in one sitting (in fact, I prefer not to do that anyway.)  I just want to agonize less over each technique or composition question.  Inside the front cover of this journal I wrote that this is "an investigative dance of control and chaos."
  • I'm forcing myself to mix and match my media by including watercolor work alongside collage work alongside acrylics work.  Believe or not, my "don't let the foods touch" brain finds this extremely difficult.
  •  I'm trying not to worry about whether or not a page has words or journaling.  I tend to be a novel writer-type, spilling endlessly onto my pages about the same things over and over so I am making a conscious effort to let the visual portion of the page stand on its own if it feels right.  In the past, I've done this and really liked the results but then I fall back into the write-till-you-drop rut.
  •  While I am including collage materials (especially altered classic art,) I am trying to let my own self-generated imagery be the star on the page.  For the last few years, I've been trying to move away from using anything for collage that isn't my own and I think I've been making great strides towards that personal goal.  (More drawing & painting practice helps a lot...more practice equals more confidence.
  • I am practicing letting things go.  Again this is something I know to do but forget to apply.  For example, I absolutely loathe the little girl holding the umbrella (I have trouble rendering faces in acrylic) but it is what it is and I need to just move on.  There's not much to this particular page but in my brain, it does comemmorate a particularly vicious rainstorm that occurred that day.  The memory of the process of creating this page is what links to my memory of the storm.  The awful painted face is irrelevant.


iHanna said…
All the pages are great, but the last one with the girl is my favorite (love the sweet clouds too). It's good to keep experimenting in your journal, to push further
Sarah said…
I really like the pages you have been sharing from this new journal - I especially love the colours in that top page with the balancing stones
Sim said…
Your pages are awesome, you're not afraid of mixing colors and the result is perfect!
Sandra L. said…
Having kept a journal/diary all my life, I too fall into the category of novel-type entries in my art journals. Maybe 2013 is the year to try a strictly visual journal.

Found you through a tumblr thing that included art journals, which led me to your flickr account.

Gorgeous, gorgeous work!