The Motley Menagerie is Almost Here!

I got out of the hospital on September 11 and it took a solid week to get my feet back underneath me.  (I'm not yet healed but I am healing.  Thank you for all the well wishes!!)
Finally, on the 18th, I started painting again.  The last three or four days, I've been painting from 2 to 3am all the way through to 8 to 10 at night!  It's the last, frenzied push to get work done for my show which hangs on October 4th. 

Last night, I gave myself permission to step away from the palette and into a construction zone so I could craft the sign for my show.  I'm using this particular theme through at least the end of next year so I wanted something sturdy, whimsical, and bold.  A bit of this sign has traveled full circle as I created the polymer clay "Menagerie" for my first solo show back in 2001.

I think I'm actually going to have enough work finished in time to hang (*gasp*) and I can take in more work through the 11th so whoohoo!  The unofficial "opening" is the night of October 12th.  It will feel tremendous to be done with show stuff for a little while; my next show date isn't until May 2013....


Cate Rose said…
So where's you show going to be? Anywhere on the North Coast?? FYI I'm having a Trunk Show & Sale at Eureka Fabrics in Old Town this Saturday, October 6. Glad you're on the mend!