The Motley Menagerie is Released into the Wild!

Hip, hip HOORAY!  The Motley Menagerie has officially made its way from my studio to the walls of Arcata Exchange, a lovely business that participates in the monthly Arts! Arcata.  I'm not sure how many "locals" read this blog (*waving to Connie*) but I would be tickled pink, yellow & orange to meet you in person at the "opening," Friday evening October 12th.  The work is up the entire month of October so if you can't make the Friday night event, wander into the store any time and take a peek!

Given everything that happened to me the last part of August/first couple weeks of September, I was convinced that I wouldn't have enough work but I went into crazy painting lady mode and cranked out 13 pieces in 14 days.  All together, there's 26 new works up on the wall shown and 7 older pieces up on other walls.  I have until the 11th to add more work if I wish and after a couple days break to catch my breath and reenergize, I'll probably dive back in and try to complete a few more small pieces.

"Denizens of the Deep"; 4x12-inches each
Here's another peek at some work from this show.  This set is called "Denizens of the Deep" and these were fun, fun, fun to paint!  Once I got started, I didn't want to stop!  In fact, my use of sea life as painting subjects came relatively late in the game so I definitely want to investigate this subject matter some more.  As I've said, I'm using the Menagerie theme through my next show at this venue in October 2013 so I have plenty of time to do some deep sea exploration...


Cynthia said…
How exciting!!!!!!! The wall layout looks awesome!! The colors really pop--very eye-catching! And I love the little fish too!
Cate Rose said…
Cool venue. Your work looks great on the walls. I hope to see the show before the end of October. Good luck with it! And thanks for the nod.