Sketchbook Peek: Monster Mash

Here's a quick peek into one of my sketchbooks: these little monsters were all drawn with a black Micron and colored with Letraset's AquaMarkers with the exception of the undead football fan.  He was colored with Pitt pens; note the difference in luminosity.  AquaMarkers take a bit of practice to use but in my opinion, the results are worth the initial learning curve.

For the curious, I work on my sketchbook pages bit by bit, sketching here and there, coloring things in over a period of days.  Sometimes the pages have a unifying theme (like the one above) and other pages are just a compilation of random doodles that need to jump from my brain to paper.  I compartmentalize my sketchbook needs just like my journals but unlike my journals, I get around to all 17 at least once a week.  (I work A LOT in my sketchbooks...perhaps more than my journals.)


Bev said…
These are great Michelle i follow u via my google reader and enjoy your work ..the reason ive popped in is the Letraset aquamarkers i outlaid $66.00 aud and hate them they ball the paper and the colour is hard to flood it just gets sucked in by the watercolour paper , i want to get them working because of the money i spent lol any advice and what paper did u use ..thanks bev
Bev said…
oh how rude of me and i love the monsters lol