Love Letters to Myself

Since I assessed the state of my numerous journals-in-progress, I've decided to revisit ones that have been neglected for longer than desired.  The first one I chose to work in is a little 6 by 6-inch journal I call "Love Letters to Myself" (all my journals have titles.)  Each page in this journal features a quick little affirmation and/or reminder that I need to live a happier, more fulfilled life.  I keep the collages in this journal extremely simple, just enough to illustrate the message.  I also do not date this journal as I want the pages to have a sense of timelessness.

I collage some sort of text for the background in advance and then, when inspiration for a new page hits, I can jump right in and start playing.  I prep backgrounds in advance a lot; often I will prepare an entire journal before I ever work in it.  There is an intial time investment but later, it means that I am rarely confronted by a white page when sitting down to work.  Plus, background prep work is the perfect studio activity when I'm having a lousy health day.


Anonymous said…
Hi Michelle, I love the idea of your love letters journal. I have just the journal that I think I might use this idea in myself. A little 5 x 5 one with binder clips so that I can add and remove pages as I wish. Thanks for the inspiration - we could all do with a good love letter to ourselves I think ;D
Bev said…
oh i love the idea of this little journal and i love your sense of humour too

hugz bev